Nitin Gadkari admits, government can’t provide professional healthcare to patients


Union Surface Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari has made a sensational confession that it was difficult to provide professional healthcare to patients at govt facilities.

nitin gadkari healthcare
Indian Express

His comments came amidst mounting critism against Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh for its failure to stop the deaths of 77 children in Gorakhpur in last one week.

Addressing a function to inaugurate the first phase of National Cancer Institute in Nagpur, Gadkari said, “Due to various factors such as non-availability of expert doctors, skilled manpower, lack of funds and ticklish rules and regulations, it doesn’t become possible to provide professional healthcare to patients at government health facilities. As such, inviting social institutions and entrepreneurs to run such facilities on government lands provided at nominal cost would help provide professional healthcare service to poor and middle class patients.”

“We are making one such effort on a Mumbai port land of about 17 acres by giving it to a social institution at a nominal rent. The institute is expected to set up a super-speciality hospital on the land to provide healthcare to poor patients,” Gadkari was quoted by Indian Express.

As many 77 children have died in last one week at Gorakhpur’s BRD hospital. Aditynath, whose Uttar Pradesh government, came under heavy criticism on Saturday for the monumental lapses, held a press conference last evening, when he denied the deaths had taken place due to stop in oxygen supply.

His health minister, Sidharth Nath Singh, had shockingly said that children’s deaths in August were annual affair.

On Sunday, Adityanath visited Gorakhpur, his home town, along with Union Health Minister JP Nadda,



  1. They can only fund their own foreign trips, give themselves high salary, good perks, and loot the nation. Instead of government feeding the poor of this country, the poors are feeding the government. Irony!!!


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