Nitin Gadkari’s candid confession on Modi’s tall election promises leaves BJP red-faced


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday took a potshot at the BJP by using a viral video clip of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari making stunning confessions on tall promises made by his party in the elections.

Nitin Gadkari
File Photo: HT

In the viral video, Gadkari is heard speaking to a Marathi channel, “We were very confident that we can never come to power. So our people suggested us to make tall promises. If we don’t come to the power, we won’t be responsible anyways. Now people remind us of our promises…we just laugh and move on.”

Congress President moved with lightning speed and said he agreed with minister of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet. His tweet read, “Rightly said. People also think that the government has made their dreams and hopes a victim of its greed.”

This is not the first time Nitin Gadkari has caused considerable embarrassment for the Centre’s Narendra Modi government. In September 2016, Gadkari had said that achche din will never come.

Achhe din kabhi nahi aate. Achhe din ke naare gale mein fasi haddi hain (Good days never come. The slogan of Achhe din is a bone stuck in the throat for the National Democratic Alliance government),” Gadkari said.

Crediting former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for first coining the term achche din,Nitin Gadkari had said, “Achche din maanne se hota hai (Good days depends on one’s belief). It was at an NRI meet in Delhi that Manmohan Singh had said that ‘Acche din ayenge’ (good days will come).

Modi had extensively used the achche din slogan during the last Lok Sabha elections.



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