NHRC orders Delhi government to pay Rs 10,000 to boy who was locked in school


The National Human Rights Commission on Thursday expressed its dissatisfaction with the Delhi government’s response over why a student was left locked throughout the night in a school.

The NHRC has imposed Rs.10,000 as relief to the victim.

A Class 6 student of Senior Secondary School at Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi was locked throughout the night in July last year, when the capital was being ruled by the central government through Lieutenant Governor.

“The commission did not agree with the Delhi government’s response to its show cause notice, wherein it (Delhi government) said that departmental action had already been taken against the negligent teacher,” a release from the commission said on Thursday.

In response to the commission’s recommendation, the Delhi government said that the negligent teacher was suspended and the student was given counselling and that the student was attending school regularly.

“Therefore, the commission may not impose any monetary relief on the Directorate of Education,” the Delhi government said in its response to the commission.

“One can very well imagine how traumatizing and agonizing it would have been to go through such an ordeal. All this happened, admittedly, due to the negligence of a public servant. The victim, therefore, deserves to be compensated by the State,” NHRC said in a statement.

However, the commission held that “the monetary relief is recommended by it under Section 18 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, in cases where violation of human rights is found established”.

The rights authority also took note of the fact that the boy had to spend the whole night alone without food, water and electricity.


  1. Such instances of gross negligence and shameful incompetence are everywhere in every Government department all over India. It can be ascribed to mainly two points. 1. There is no effective accountability in the Government administration. In its absence- no system can possibly function. 2. On top of absence of accountability- the Anglophonic Schooling in India – which is supposed to culturally condition human resource to participate and share responsibility in inclusive growth of the nation – is not and cannot improve human resource. In other words training of the civil servants are of very low grade. One can’t possibly expect any better performance than this. A mode of training designed to train poodles of ANGREZI and ANGREZIAT must be replaced with thoroughly Indianized education and strict accountability at all levels.


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