New video in Kashmir shows Hizb militants torturing two youth


Despite a ban on social media websites, a new video has surfaced in Kashmir in which suspected Hizbul Mujahideen militants are seen torturing two youth, accusing them of being informers of the security forces.

Hizbul Mujahideen
File Photo

In the clip, the militants, dressed in the army fatigues, are seen tonsuring the two youth at an unknown location.

The duo are then thrashed severely with the sticks and their heads immersed in a bucket of water. The militants are seen accusing the two youth of working as informers of the security forces in order to get selected as Special Police Officers (SPOs) in the local police.

The tortured youth can be seen begging for mercy and “confessing” to the charges levelled by the militants, who set them free subsequently. Police said they have taken cognizance of the video and are investigating the matter.

Significantly, the video is being shared on the social media despite the government ban on 22 sites. The ban was imposed over a week back after controversial videos kept surfacing, which, according to the authorities, fuelled unrest in the valley.


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