New poster in Uttar Pradesh declares Smriti Irani ‘beemar,’ wants Varun Gandhi as CM candidate


Uttar Pradesh is barely a year away from the crucial assembly elections, where the BJP will be aiming to wrest the power from the ruling Samajwadi Party.


The BJP’s hopes emanate from its unprecedented performance in the Lok Sabha elections, when the the party won 71 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats.

However, one problem that the party may face is the face for chief minister’s candidate. But, thanks to its supporters, the BJP may have been bailed out of its misery!

A newly surfaced poster has advised the party to declare Varun Gandhi as BJP’s chief minister candidate over Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani.

The poster said, “Smriti Irani hui beemar. Uttar Pradesh Ki Yahi Pukar, Varun Gandhi Ab Ki Baar. (Smriti Irani has fallen sick. Uttar Pradesh demands in unison. This time we want Varun Gandhi.}”

Irani had unsuccessfully tried her luck from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh losing to Rahul Gandhi. This was her unsuccessful attempt at electoral politics after losing to Kapil Sibal from Chandni Chowk in 2004 Lok Sabha elections.

In contrast, Varun Gandhi, has good base in Uttar Pradesh. He’s won two Lok Sabha elections from Sultanpur in the state.

He was a national general secretary of the BJP, but fell out with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha elections after reportedly declaring the latter’s Kolkata rally a damp squib.

He was unceremoniously removed from the general secretary’s post after Amit Shah took over the control of the party.




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