New Ghoomar video of Deepika Padukone with covered midriff goes viral


Amidst continuing protests by the members of the right-wing brigade over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat, the makers of the period drama has now released a new Ghoomar video, where Deepika Padukone’s exposed body part has been covered.


This, according to sources, was done to comply with the suggestions made by the Indian censor board had made while approving the film for the release.

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In the original track, Deepika’s midriff was visible and this had reportedly not gone down well with the censor board during the film’s screening. The earlier Ghoomar video was viewed more than 9.24 crore on YouTube. (Watch below)

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The new video, where the filmmakers have covered Deepika’s stomach using special effects, has already been viewed more than 4.3 crore on YouTube in just few hours.

The film is set to be released on 26 February as opposed its earlier release date of 1 December last year. Akshay Kumar has decided to not release his Padman in order to ensure that Bhansali doesn’t suffer financially due to a potential clash with his film. His gesture was widely applauded with both Bhansali and Shahid Kapoor, who plays a key role in Padmaavat, thanking the Khiladi actor for being ‘gracious.’

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