New forensic report says it’s beef, but meat not from Akhlaq’s house


In a major twist to the case related to Dadri lynching, the police on Tuesday said that another forensic report had described the meat was beef or that of ‘a cow or its progeny.’

This came as a sharp contradiction to the original forensic report which had termed the meat found in Mohammad Akhlaq’s house in Dadri as mutton.

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Akhlaq was brutally murdered by militants belonging to right-wing groups in September last year. Most of the accused belong to the family of local BJP leader, Sanjay Rana.

On Tuesday, NDTV quoted the Uttar Pradesh police chief Javed Ahmed as saying, “Initially we did say mutton but subsequently we were told by the lab that it was beef.”

However, according to a Times of India report, the two-page hand-written report, which claimed to be from the UP government’s forensic laboratory in Mathura, said that the sample in question had not been collected from Akhlaq’s house.

Quoting a senior UP Police officer the TOI report said that the sample was collected from the trijunction near his house in Dadri’s Bisada village.

The police officer also clarified that the meat sample had little bearing on the case. The ongoing investigation is not about whether Akhlaq stored and ate beef is not relevant to the case.

The two-page report, dated 3 October, 2015 and attributed to the joint director of the Mathura forensic investigation laboratory, says, “On the basis of chemical analysis, the sample belongs to cow or its progeny.”

While cow-slaughter is a crime in UP, its consumption is not.

Akhlaq’s brother Jaan Mohammad said,”Dadri police said mutton, now you are saying it is beef. This is all politics.”

Akhlaq was murdered last year because of the rumour that he ate and stored beef in his house. While many felt that it was a planned move by the members of Hintuva forces, who were keen to polarise communities in Uttar Pradesh ahead of 2017 elections.


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