New CCTV video shows Alka Lamba ‘vandalizing’ a shop


After the attack on AAP MLA Alka Lamba on Sunday morning, a video from CCTV camera has now emerged. The video appears to show Alka Lamba enter a shop and throw away the cash receipt generating machine in anger.

Soon her supporters follow her and begin to vandalize the shop.

This video raises a question on the timing of the events. According to news channel NDTV, the CCTV footage is of just before the attack, on the other hand Alka Lamba reportedly said that she had entered the shop after she was attacked.

The order of events, however, is not clear yet. Also, according to Alka Lamba, the attacker worked in a sweet shop owned by a BJP MLA O P Sharma.

Lamba, an MLA from the ruling party, AAP, in Delhi started her Anti drug drive on Sunday morning in Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate area during which she was attacked by a stone.

She was taken to Aruna Asaf Ali hospital for treatment to her head injuries and subsequently released after a while.

This incident had caused huge outcry on social media with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal saying how proud she was of his MLA colleague. Another AAP leader, Asutosh, had suspected a conspiracy and demanded police’s action into this attack.

Lamba had later tweeted that this incident was not going to deter her from carrying out her campaign against the drug menace in the area. has not been able to get her side of the story.

Lamba had won from Chandni Chiowk assembly constituency in this year’s assembly elections.

Watch the CCTV footage here.


  1. #Vandalize #AlkaLamba #attacked
    wont be a surprise if this woman turns out to be the next Con-Artist
    like shazia ilmi. It does look like she has motives. Afterall she is
    Ex-Congress. The way she butts into the shop rudely and her body
    language that of a goon raises a lot of questions. AK must be careful
    with the people he has selected for his party. He should atlleast
    suspend her until the issue is clear, as in the video it is clear that
    she had stormed into the shop before being hit with the stone on the
    head plus their are plenty of eye-witnesses. GOD Save AAP from Fakes


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