Never said dollar under Modi will come down to 40, got plenty of support from AAP: Sri Sri


The Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has denied he ever predicted value of US dollar to come down to Rs 40 under Narendra Modi government.

In a response to’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid’s question on ABP News’ flagship programme Press Conference, Sri Sri said, “If you tell lies hundred times it wouldn’t become truth. First of all, I never said dollar will become Rs 40 (under Modi government). This is what Citi bank had said and I had merely retweeted. Secondly, I’ve never benefitted anything from this government. My ayurveda college is among the top colleges in the country. So whatever we do we do in the best way possible.”

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Sri Sri also denied allegations that he had soft spot for any political party.

He said, “It’s wrong to say that we are close to one political party. We have support from various parties. If you look at it, we received quite a lot of support from AAP party.

“Whosoever is intelligent will support because we are doing good job. Akhilesh Yadav ji assured of all help and took responsibility for one pontoon bridge. Arvind Kejriwal ji assured me of whatever support. He said it was Delhi’s luck that I was organising event here. Otherwise, Mamata Banerjee was inviting me to host the event in Kolkata.”

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He said Arvind Kejriwal was a good and honest man.

“He had not liked my suggestion when I asked him not to contest Lok Sabha elections. But he later told me my advice was right.”

The BJP supporter guru also said that he should have been awarded for organising the event as his efforts were to united people from all faith.

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Replying to questions on whether gurus should indulge in commercial activities, Sri Sri said there was absolutely nothing wrong babas going commercial.

He also said the real babas will never have contradictions in his statements and deeds adding that it was wrong to expect them to be symbol of poverty.

The Press Conference with Sri Sri was broadcast on ABP News on Saturday.

The award-winning show is presented by senior journalist Dibang



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