I should’ve shot these people the day my children died: Neelam Krishnamoorthy on Supreme Court’s verdict


The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the real estate baron Gopal Ansal to serve one year jail term in Uphaar fire tragedy case of which he has already served four months.

Reacting to the verdict, Neelam Krishnamoorthy, whose children died in Uphaar tragedy, said that she had lost faith in judiciary after today’s verdict.

Neelam Krishnamoorthy

She told reporters, “SC judgement shows rich have special rights and can walk away by killing children by paying for trauma centre. We don’t give a damn about the trauma centre. I should’ve shot these people the day my children died…I am extremely disappointed. The biggest mistake in my life was coming to court. I’ve lost faith in judiciary.”

CBI and Krishnamoorthy’s Association of Victims of Uphaar Tragedy (AVUT) had sought review of the apex court verdict, delivered on August 19, 2015, sending Ansal brothers to two years rigorous jail term if they fail to pay Rs 30 crore each within three months. The convicts have already paid the fine.

A three-judge bench of justices Ranjan Gogoi, Kurian Joseph and Adarsh Kumar Goel which had reserved the judgement on the review pleas after hearing lengthy arguments, advanced by counsel for CBI, AVUT and Ansal brothers is likely to pronounce its verdict.

Fifty nine people had died of asphyxia when a fire broke out during the screening of Bollywood movie “Border” in Uphaar theatre in Green Park area of South Delhi on June 13, 1997. Over 100 were also injured in the subsequent stampede.

The apex court had on December 5 asked the Ansal brothers not to leave India till it disposes of the review pleas after AVUT cited a media report about their possibility of leaving the country in the absence of a restraint order from it.

AVUT, through its President Neelam Krishnamoorthy, who had lost her two teenaged children in the blaze, had cited a media report that the convicts were “on the verge of fleeing the country”.

The victims body had also mentioned the review plea for urgent hearing before a bench headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur who said a new bench would be constituted to hear the review petitions filed by CBI and the association.

Prior to that, a bench headed by Justice A R Dave, now retired, had decided to hear in open court the petitions filed by CBI and AVUT seeking review of the 2015 verdict.

Following the judgement, Sushil and Gopal Ansal had deposited Rs 30 crore each to avoid the jail term.

In its review plea, AVUT had said the apex court judgement “bestows an unwarranted leniency on convicts whose conviction in the most heinous of offences has been upheld by all courts including this court and sentences imposed on them have been substituted with fine without assigning any reason”.


  1. The SC ruling on the Uphaar case is a sad commentary on the present judicial system. The victims have been left disappointed by the verdict which favours the rich and the powerful people

  2. This is what happnes if we seek the laws help for justice. the rich can pay money and go free.1 year jail???..this is ridiculous. today im ashamed of indian justice system. its no use asking for justice in india for ordinary people. shame on that judge.

  3. Very sad. This is a classic case of Judiciary ditching constitution, people of country. Judicial corruption both in appointment and hearing in Top Judiciary including Supreme court is thoroughly and shamelessly judges defends this ghastly corruption, insensitivity and incompetency with threat of abuse of Power of Contempt. Even former CJI of Sc and HC has openly said most of Judges of SC and HC.
    Rich n powerful openly buy justice. Poor can’t afford this. This is a fact that attested by a former CJI.
    Collegium system has led to shameless nepotism, favouritism and Nexus with corrupt politicians as criteria of selection of Judges. When u don’t have a high profile lawyer then u can’t expect justice from Top judicjary. General lawyer are not even given proper hearing. Most of Judges, Tribunals are full of former lawyers whi were empaneled as govt councels, defended givt interest, corporates interest.
    Then how come we expect them to take side of truth, justice, dignity and being sensitive when they entire life has done and defended opposite. It is said that Judges in top judiciary starts looking at technical loopholes in petitions, affidavits to deny hearing to letitiobers. Basically they want to please govt, state, buraeucracy and Petitioner has nothing but to shed bloodied tears on open prejudice, biasness of judges if SC, HC, Tribunals.

    Judges takes regular benefits from govt and state. They don’t have guts to gi against the powerful n mighty. For them It is easier to ignore truth n justice which is related to common Indians.
    As Neelam has said she ought to have shot dead those instead of going to court. Her sentiment is absolutely understandable. In today’s many of criminals, naxals are product of this corruption in Top Judiciary. Getting justice is struggle where victims become offender and offenders made innocent with full blessing of Top Judiciary in India as this episode of Ansals again shows. Ultimate soverign people of Country should without waiting a moment shall cleanse the judiciary, including SC , of corruption, inefficiency, nepotism, conspiracy and insensitivity. For this hundreds of Judges has to stopped from entering courts by people and shall b removed by people themselves. Without Justice freedom is illusion and for this people need to have true Free judiciary. Everything else can wait but not this. Judiciary is like other Institutions servant of soverign masses. Now, this arrogant, inefficient, corrupt servant has to be taken to task by master because they have already given enough time. People must act now as Ansal case suggest they wont listen to anything but pious ultimate power of Masses.

  4. Apathetic people don’t care a damn for governance in the country. Till the time they are not directly affected by malfunctioning systems or they can bribe their way through, nothing matters to them. Why have they lost their faith in judiciary now? Shouldn’t they try to make up for lost time when they were sleeping and not reading the newspapers. Each and every institution in the country is failing because of apathy of its citizens who think that they will somehow not be affected by the breakdown in governace, breakdown of its police, of its courts, of its municipalities and local self govts and so on and so forth. Time they dedicate the rest of their life in improving their local govt and supporting those activists who keep asking them for help like the Delhi Aap.


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