We need to delink terrorism and religion, No religion teaches terrorism: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that terrorism was not a challenge to any single nation but to entire humanity.

Addressing the Indian diaspora in the Belgian capital Brussels during his visit, Modi said, “We need to delink terrorism and religion. No religion teaches terrorism. Entire world must unite to combat terrorism. So many nations have suffered due to terrorism. Terrorism not a challenge to any nation but it is a challenge to humanity. There is no question of bending in front of terrorism.”

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Modi also said that India was the lone light of hope amidst global economic slowdown.


He said, “In a time when the world economy is not doing so well, it is generally agreed that India is a ray of hope. When we assumed office we discovered that there is no electricity in about 18,000 villages. Is this proper? ”

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Modi also applauded his own government for fulfilling its promise on the One Rank One Pension.

He said, “For years OROP was promised but even when an allotment was made, it was a token amount. We changed this.”

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