“I cannot recall a period when Muslims were suspected en masse of being unpatriotic”


Actor Naseeruddin Shah has penned down an incredibly moving column for a newspaper lamenting the condition of Indian Muslims and how their patriotism was constantly being questioned by the members of the right-wing brigade.

Naseeruddin Shah Muslims

Write for Hindustan Times, Shah said that he couldn’t recall a time when ‘Muslims were suspected en masse of being unpatriotic.’

He wrote, “The hatred spawned by partition taking seventy years to unleash itself is probably evidence that the longer the pot brewed the more potent the venom got. I cannot, from my lifetime, recall a period when Muslims were suspected en masse of being unpatriotic and required to explain themselves. The sins of the few have been visited on us all.”

Shah, however, added that the best way for Muslims was not to fall in the trap of ‘feeling of victimisation’ and assert their ‘claim on our country.’

“It seems essential for Muslims in India to get over the feeling of victimisation they are in now; it is a trap all too easy to stumble into – we must determine to stop feeling persecuted, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding; we must stop hoping for salvation from somewhere and take matters into our own hands- not least of all to take pride in our Indian-ness and assert our claim on our country,” Shah wrote.

The veteran actor also had advise for Muslims adding that Islam was in the need for reform. He said that it was ‘time for Muslims to throw the caretakers of religion out and form their own beliefs based on an understanding of what their holy book actually says.’

You can read his full blog below

‘I cannot recall a time when Muslims were suspected en masse of being unpatriotic’: Naseeruddin Shah


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