Watch- Breathtaking video of tractor driver’s narrow escape from speeding train


A tractor driver had a narrow escape when a high-speed train in England missed him and his vehicle just by an few inches on 27 July.

In the video, shared by Leicestershire Transport Police, a speeding train is running at its full speed when it sees a tractor crossing through the tracks. What happens next is truly breathtaking.

The driver, reportedly a 26-year-old man, escapes just by just few inches, thanks to the presence of mind displayed by the driver. The driver applies the emergency brake, causing the high-speed train to slow down, subsequently leading it to stop.

ritish Transport Police Leicestershire released the footage of the near-miss on Thursday.

The authorities in the East-Midlands area of England moved swiftly to ensure the driver, who had failed to obtain telephone permission to use the crossing line, was penalised.

The tractor driver was later convicted for causing train obstruction and asked to pay 500 pounds fine, 3000 pounds as compensation and 85 pounds after his conviction.


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