What happened in parliament other day has left country hurt and worried:Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is replying on the motion of thanks to the President Pranab Mukherjee’s address in Lok Sabha.

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  • What happened in the parliament the other day has left the country hurt and worried
  • The disruption in parliaments hurts the opposition the most as they are prevented from raising the voices of ordinary people
  • I invite everyone in both the Houses to help us pass important bills
  • These bills are important to end corruption from the system
  • I’m not saying this. This was stated by former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and we must respect our elders
  • Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged parliamentarians to debate and maintain the dignity of parliament
  • The GST bill is yours, it’s being stalled.
  • An opposition MP interrupts, says aap ki kathni aur karni mein bahut antar hai. Modi says ‘thank you, I’m been accused of many things in last 14 years. This is one is addition.’
  • Let only women members speak on 8 March, on International Women’s Day
  • We should also propose a session where only first time elected MPs speak. I’m not saying saying this because I myself am a first time MP.
  • Parliamentary proceedings are stalled because of inferiority complex by opposition leaders. The leaders are worried that the talented young MPs will shine if they are allowed to speak.  And this will leave their leaders’ inefficiencies exposed.
  • We shouldn’t make fun of anybody. They are making of Make in India? If it’s not successful, then we should work towards making it successful.
  • In a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Modi says some people grow in age but not in mental maturity.
  • 18,000 villages still in darkness despite several decades since independence. So if we provide electricity there, then of course it’s your (Congress’) legacy
  • In 1974, in IP College Indira Gandhi ji said that we sshouldn’t portray our nation as weak
  • I realised after coming to power that the roots of poverty are very strong. Congress must be very proud that that they were responsible for making poverty situation so worse in the country.
  • We are not being criticised because we are not doing well. We are being criticised because they can’t digest our successes.
  • Even on Food Security Bill, we are taunted. But until May 2014, only 11 states had informally agreed to implement the bill
  • Kerala will ask you why you excluded the people of that state from Food Security Act
  • Quoting Stalin, Modi says there’s a freedom to criticise his government.



  1. 1. Arun Jaitley; DISRUPTION of parliament is LEGITIMATE FORM OF DEMOCRATIC PROTEST.2. In 1974, in IP College Indira Gandhi ji said that we sshouldn’t portray our nation as weak AFTER BANGLADESH WAR, dear sir.3. WHERE IS “Make in India?”. IT IS HATE IN INDIA.


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