Narendra Modi names Joshodaben as his wife in poll affidavit, says he has MA degree


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday filed his nomination from the Varanasi parliamentary seat amidst a huge show of strength. All eyes were on what Modi will write about his educational qualification and marital status.

Narendra Modi
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The suspense is over as Modi has named Jashodaben as his wife even though the two have not been living together for several decades. About his educational qualifications, Modi, according to PTI, said that he had an MA degree from Gujarat University.

His affidavit said that while he got his MA degree in 1983, it also described him as an arts graduate from Delhi University (1978) and he had passed SSC exam from the Gujarat board in 1967.

Faced with growing criticism over his questionable educational qualifications, Modi’s party, the BJP, had released his MA and BA degrees in 2016. However, the action had led to considerable embarrassment for the prime minister as several contradictions were detected. The Modi government has thwarted all attempts to make his degree available through RTI requests.

In 2015, Jashodaben was denied a passport because she had no evidence of being the prime minister’s wife.

Meanwhile, Modi also declared on Friday that the value of his movable assets was worth Rs 1.41 crore and immovable assets were valued at Rs 1.1 crore.



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