Modi mocks Rahul, Congress VP says, ‘log bolte hain Narendra Modi jhoot bolta hai’


Barely couple of hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi hurled personal jibes at Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice president launched blistering attack on his political rival accusing him of hurting poor through demonetisation decision.

Addressing ‘Jan Aakrosh Rally’ election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich, Gandhi said, “Yesterday, I had asked the prime minister 2-3 questions on corruption. But prime minister mocked me when I asked questions. Mock me the way you want, but do answer the questions of the country’s youth.”

Narendra Modi jhoot


He added, “Modi ji said that only thieves were standing in queues. Today I saw people standing in queues outside banks. Modi ji, they are not thieves, they are honest poor.”

Gandhi reminded how Modi during his Lok Sabha campaign had talked about bringing black money stashed in foreign banks and not recovering them through note ban.

He asked, “Did any one of you get Rs 15 lakh as promised by Modi ji during 2014 elections? How many people did Modi ji send to jails since coming to power? He allowed people like Mallya to leave the country.”

Gandhi said that many people had told him that ‘Narendra Modi jhoot bolta hai (Narendra Modi lies).”

He said, “There are many people who told me in my meetings that the Modi ji spoke lies. They have still not received their Rs 15 lakh as promised by the prime minister during 2014 elections.”

“I met a mother, who had taken her ill child to a hospital for a treatment. But hospital refused to treat saying Modi ji had banned the use of old notes. The mother took the child home and the child died. Narendra Modi ji, please explain why you killed that child. Please tell his mother why you killed her child?,” Gandhi said.

He said that Modi government was planning to write off loans worth 8 lakh crore to rich.

“(Shankar Singh) Vaghela ji had once told me that Modi evnt management ka master hai.”

Rahul had paused his speech briefly because of azan, Muslims’ call for prayer.

As his speech progressed, Gandhi became more aggressive with his attack. Reading out from Sahara/Birla papers, he pointed out the dates when Modi was allegedly paid more than Rs 65 crore in total as bribe during his time as Gujarat chief minister.

Earlier today, Modi had mocked Gandhi saying that they were trying to “rescue the corrupt” like Pakistan gives cover fire to terrorists to cross border and said the note ban will expose the ‘kala dhan’ (black money) as well as ‘kale mann’ (ill-intentions) of many.


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