Narendra Modi is ‘Ram’ for me: PM’s wife Jashodaben rejects Anandiben’s comments


In a sharp rebuttal to the former Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel, the estranged wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jashodaben, has said that she was shocked by the former’s comments that her husband was unmarried.


Joshodaben said that she was shocked by Patel’s statement in a leading Gujarati daily claiming that Modi was unmarried.

“I am surprised over Anandiben telling the press that Narendra bhai was not married (to her). He has himself mentioned in his declaration while filing papers for Lok Sabha elections in 2004 that he is married and mentioned my name in it,” Jashodaben, who read out a statement in a video from her brother Ashok Modi’s mobile phone, was quoted by IANS.

Jashodaben added: “It is very unbecoming of a well educated woman (Anandiben, former Chief Minister of Gujarat) to speak like this of a teacher (Jashodaben). Not only this, her conduct has tarnished the image of the Prime Minister of India. He is very respectable for me, he is Ram for me.”

Patel, who Modi had chosen as his successor after he quit the post of Gujarat’s chief minister after becoming India’s prime minister, was appointed Madhya Pradesh’s governor earlier this year. Jashodaben, for her part, has had to face plenty of hardships even while seeking to acquire a passport because the passport officer, who reports to the BJP government at the Centre, had asked her to produce the evidence of her marriage to Modi.

Ashok Modi, Jashodaben’s brother who runs a small shop at Unjha, and with whom Jashodaben usually resides for most part of the year, had said, “We are trying to secure a document that would serve as the evidence for her marriage to Narendra Modi. Things have not been smooth sailing for my sister.”

The regional passport office (RPO) in Ahmedabad did not admit her passport application as it was deemed to be incomplete.

“As per rules, when someone claims that she is married and wants to have a passport with the married name, one has to produce a marriage registration certificate (if the marriage was solemnised after 2006) or submit a joint affidavit with the spouse,” Z A Khan, regional passport officer was quoted as saying.

This despite the fact that Modi, in his 2014 Lok Sabha poll affidavit, had described Jashodaben as his wife.

Speaking to IANS from their hometown Unjha in north Gujarat, her brother Ashok Modi confirmed that it was indeed Jashodaben talking in the video.

“We didn’t believe this when Anandiben’s statement came on social media… But this appeared on the front page of a leading paper Divya Bhaskar on June 19. Now this could not be wrong. This is why we decided to issue a rejoinder. We together recorded a written statement that Jashodaben read out from our home cell phone,” he added.

Meanwhile the topic has started to dominate the conversation on social media as users asked Modi if, like his degrees, the proof of marriage too was a secret.


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