Namibian delegation welcomed in RS amid Oppn ruckus


A visiting Namibian parliamentary delegation was today welcomed in the Rajya Sabha amidst slogan-shouting and ruckus by the opposition MPs over vacant posts in several statutory commissions.

While several Opposition MPs were protesting in the Well relenlessly, Deputy Chairman P J Kurien asked them to stop as he read out a statement welcoming the delegation led by the Speaker of National Assembly of Namibia, Peter H Katjavivi, who were sitting in the special box in the Upper House.

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“We hope that during their stay here, they would see and learn more about our Parliamentary system,” Kurien said and wished them a fruitful stay.

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As they were being welcomed, the Namibian Speaker was seen rising from his seat to acknowledge the greetings.

While some of the protesting members were seen greeting the delegation members, some others, however, had a good laugh on the phrase “learn about our Parliamentary system” as they resumed slogan-shouting soon after Kurien completed his statement.

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This forced the Chair to adjourn the House for some time soon thereafter.

(With inputs from PTI)


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