Name mix-up leads to India-Pakistan rivalry over gulab jamun


A mobile app that specialises in food recipes had posted a short video of how to make gulab jamun, the famous Indian delicacy, last year. Its short video showed how one could prepare this mouth-watering dessert in less than half an hour.

gulab jamun

However, the Twitter account of the food recipe app, is now facing social media roasting by Indian users, almost six months after it originally posted the video. Indian users are angry because the Twitter handle, identified as Tasty, referred to gulab jamun as ‘Indian Fried Doughnuts.’

Incensed over ‘insult’ being meted out to what’s been a quintessentially an Indian delicacy, angry Indian users have begun posting the photos of famous cuisines, popular in western countries, and calling them with quirky Indian names. For example, one user referred to Pizza as ‘Cheese Chapati.’ Other posted a photo of hotdog and called it ‘Lengthy Wada Paav.’ The same user posted the photo of hamburger, but called it ‘Wada Paav with stuffed meat & salad.’ Another user asked, “Indian fried donuts? So rasgulla will be India non-fried donut?”

The name mix-up also led to a ‘huge’ India-Pakistan rivalry as prominent Pakistanis including journalists and politicians began to shame the owner of the recipe video that called gulab jamun an Indian delicacy. Journalist Mosharraf Zaidi wrote, “Indian?! Doughtnuts?! Shame on you.” Former cabinet minister and Pakistan ambassador to United Nations, Sherry Rahman wrote, “Yai tou full social media shaming case buntha hai bro, @mosharrafzaidi. Gulab jamun Pakistan ka Qaumi sarmaya hai. Who is this @tasty, either terribly nadaan or budhikhlaq,to call gulab jamuns, Queen of Pk mithai, “Indian doughnuts”??! Perish the thought ! Astaghfaar”

The controversy aside, the technique to make gulab jamun is indeed very simple. Do try it at home and, if you are fasting during Ramadan, this could be a great Iftar item.


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