MUST WATCH: 62-year-old Sikh man becomes a Superhero to save his grandchild from oncoming train


An Indian grandfather visiting Australia has now turned an international sensation for his bravado.

The 62-year-old Sikh man risking his life to save his grandchild from an oncoming train has now gone viral.

Australia’s Channel 9 reported ran a CCTV video from the train station in Sydney, where a 18-month-old girl’s grandfather can be seen leaping onto the tracks to save her as the train speeds towards them at Wentworthville station.

The grandfather in question was holding the baby’s pushchair on the paltform which was sloping downwards. For a second he appeared to have loose control of the pram, which began to roll down to the track.

Before he could realise, the baby with the pushchair had rolled on to the track with a training approaching from the other end.

The 62-year-old grand dad quickly ran towards the tracks, saved the baby by handing over to his wife and the baby’s mother standing on the platform. Since he didn’t have enough time to pull himself up to platform as the freight train was fast approaching, he began to run and kept running until he found safe area for him to jump away from the tracks.

The family was on their way to the Sikh temple when this incident happened.

His action has received plenty of plaudits from everyone in Australia with many appreciating his presence of mind and selfless approach.


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