Indian media’s new pastime, to question Muslims for what they eat, who they date and how they divorce


Every day we see how an issue related to Indian Muslims emerges from somewhere and it suddenly becomes a tool to bully them. This suits the current government, media and right-wing brigade as they get the much-awaited opportunity to in their favourite pastime i.e. Muslim bashing.

This also keeps the attention away from real issues plaguing Indian population at large such as unemployment, farmer protests, inflation and the list goes on. Nearly everyone in the traditional media, government and social media have put the Indian Muslim community under scrutiny.

muslims eat date divorce

Muslims now get attacked almost on a daily basis by the members in the Indian media, and the government representatives for what they eat, what they wear, who they date, how they marry, how they divorce, how they live and how they perform their religious and social rituals.

Indian Muslims have to give answer for each and every step they take. They are now expected to justify their life in general.

It was the job of the media to bring out the truth and facts but, sadly, they are also towing the majoritarian agenda. Here are some examples:

Triple Talaq: It is the most discussed issue in on prime time TV channels. It’s a fact that except All India Muslim Personal Law Board, no one has supported triple talaq, then why are we even discussing it? The matter is currently being heard in the Supreme Court. The Allahabad High Court has already declared it unconstitutional and soon the apex court will also give its verdict.

On the other hand, if the government is interested in abolishing triple talaq, it should make a law against it in the parliament. But the Centre’s Narendra Modi government appears to have something else in their mind.

The fact is that Muslims have the lowest rate of divorce, only 0.56%, as per the 2011 census data. Every hour a women is being killed for dowry, every 30 minute a girl is being raped, India has lost more than 3 million girls in infanticide and India tops the list of nations with most anaemic women and children. Then how come all the focus is on triple talaq?

Haj Subidy: On the one hand, the right-wing brigade never misses an opportunity in attacking Muslims for availing Haj subsidy and the government want them to give it up, on the other hand the same government increases the subsidy for Hindu pilgrimage and organises Kumbh Mela etc. While the former is called appeasement and burden on the exchequer, the latter is called gift.

Azaan: It took Sonu Nigam 40 yrs and a hardcore Hindutva government in power to realise that using louspeakers for Azaan is annoying and “forced religiousness”. Though he is right, the use of loudspeakers is “forced religiousness,” so are religious possessions and the beef ban.

India needs to get rid of all. Ideologically, Sonu Nigam was right but there is a doubt on his intention, when he himself used to perform in Jagrata, using loudspeakers.

Nigam’s intention is under scrutiny primarily because it has now emerged that Nigam may never have been distubred by the sound of Azaam because no mosque was using loudspeakers in the vicinity. As reported by the BBC, there was no mosque in his vicinity and, therefore, the sound of Azaan wasn’t even reaching his house.

Even in this case, the media played the same predictable game. Channels suddenly saw a lot of noise pollution in Azaan but they never found any flaws in the use of loudspeakers by other religious groups in India. While almost every propagandist TV anchor realised that the use of loudspeaker for Azaan was in violation of A supreme Court order, it never occurred to them that same was being violated on a regular basis by other religious groups.

Far from exploring this issue, the media’s attention suddenly moved in the direction of a ridiculous statement by a Muslim man posing himself as moulvi. A random Muslim saying something wrong became Imam or Mullah for the Indian channels, who turned his words into Fatwa. Once again, not the first time. Isn’t it strange? Any Muslim saying anything is called Fatwa now a days and he is made “true representative of Islam” and whole community made responsible for that.

It’s astonishing how despite being just only 14% of India’s population, Indian Muslims dominate the public discourse of media, the government and social media conversations.

What Muslim-bashers don’t understand is that the demonisation of minority will lead to their alienation. The media and government may love to discuss everything about Muslims except justice to Pehlu Khan and Akhlaq, both of whom were brutally murdered by the right-wing terrorists.

They don’t discuss the Sacchar Committee report and its implementation. triple talaq, Haj subsidy, Azaan, love jihad and Hijab etc have become a tool to bully the community. It’s another way of declaring who the boss is in new India.

(Views expressed here are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t subscribe to them)


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