Muslims in Bengal come together to raise funds for cancer treatment of Hindu priest’s wife


In a remarkable gesture of humanity, a group of poor Muslims in West Bengal’s East Burdwan district have come together to raise money for the treatment of a Hindu priest’s wife in the village.

priest's wife
Photo: Anadabazar Patrika

According to a report by the Bengali newspaper, Anandabazar Patrika, the Muslim residents of Kolkol village in the East Burdwan district decided to collect the money as soon as they came to know that the Hindu priest’s wife was battling with cancer.

One village elder Mortaza Ali Khan said, “Helping someone in the moment of crisis is true religion. We are just following that philosophy.” Another villager, Tahir Ali, said that Muslims, who formed one third of the village’s population, themselves were very poor. He said, “Many in the village are very poor. They barely manage to secure food for themselves. But it’s not acceptable to us that despite all of us being here, one person will die due to lack of treatment. Everyone has contributed according to their capacity.”

One Basudeb said that a mere call for help in the mosque in Uttarpara village had helped them raise Rs 15,000. Sheikh Mokbul, another villager, said, “I have not been able to pay myself, but I have gone from door to door to collect donations from others.”

In total, the villagers have already collected Rs 50,000 for the treatment of the priest’s wife. The news comes amidst Hindutva brigade’s desperate attempts to divide the community in Bengal along religious lines.

Bengal has always been a shining example of communal harmony. However, the BJP’s desperation to secure electoral success here has seen right-wing groups continuously raise the communal fever. The latest incident of East Burdwan proves that attempts by divisive forces simply have no takers in Bengal.



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