Muslim woman in Uttar Pradesh names her new-born child ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’


A Muslim woman in Gonda in Uttar Pradesh has decided to name her new-born child ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi. This was because the mother Mainaz Begum was incredibly impressed with the prime minister.

Muslim woman
Photo source: ANI Twitter

Although Begum faced considerable resistance from her family members, who advised her against her decision to name her child after PM Modi, but she remained adamant. Her family members gave in to her insistence and filed an affidavit for the registration of the name.

The Muslim woman came up with the idea to name her child after PM Modi on 23 May, when results for this year’s Lok Sabha polls were coming thick and fast leading to a thumping win for Modi.

Her father-in-law Mohammad Idress told news agency PTI that people around her persuaded her to change her mind, but she remained adamant. “Why should people oppose it? Modiji is our prime minister and this is something we take pride in. Secondly, naming the boy is our family’s decision,” Idris was quoted by Hindustan Times.

Her husband Mushtaq, who works in Dubai, too disagreed with Begum but later decided to go with his wife’s suggestion.

“My son was born on 23 May, I called my husband who is in Dubai and he asked ‘Has Narendra Modi won?’ so I named my son Narendra Modi. I want my son to do good work like Modi ji&be as successful as him,” Begum was quoted by news agency ANI.

Assistant Development Officer (panchayat) Ghanshyam Pandey, who’s received the application for the registration of the name, has said that he had forwarded it to the village panchayat secretary, who deals with the registration of births and deaths.


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