Goons mercilessly beat up Muslim family including disabled son in train in Uttar Pradesh


10 members of Muslim family faced near death when a group of gang mercilessly beat them up inside a train in Uttar Pradesh.

muslim family train
Photo: The Lallantop

The family with a handicapped teenager were returning from a wedding party in Shikohabad-Kasganj passenger train, where they were brutally assaulted by a gang of youngsters on Wednesday.

All the victims were later taken to Dr Ram Manohar Lohia government hospital, Farrukhabad.

“It was a horror which I cannot forget. They attacked us with iron roads, robbed our belonging and molested our women. They didn’t even spare my 17-year-old physically and mentally challenged son. They verbally abused us with some in the attacking group saying, ‘Kill them, they are Muslims’,” 50-year-old Mohammad Shakir who got injured in the incident was quoted by Times of India.

22-year-old son, Arsaan, added, “On Wednesday we boarded the passenger train from Bhongaon (Mainpuri) along with us five other youths also embarked on the coach. As soon the train left the station and reached near Mota station, one of the youth snatched a smartphone in which my handicapped brother (Fizu alias Faizan) was playing video game. When I confronted the youths, they started assaulting me. They even attacked my mother and sister who came to rescue me, and kicked them in their stomach before pulling emergency brakes near Nibkarori station.”

There have been an alarming rise in public lynchings and assaults on Muslims in the last few months. Not too long ago, a young boy named Junaid was lynched to death inside a train in Haryana, another BJP-ruled state, as he returned from the Eid shopping in Delhi.

Junaid’s death had caused huge national and international outcry with civil society members launching #NotInMyName protests.

This had forced Prime Minister Narendra Modi to publicly condemn the incidents of lynchings. However, just hours after his condemnation, another Muslim man was killed in Jharkhand, another state governed by the BJP.


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