Murder of constitution by Modi govt on Republic Day eve:Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi led central government for reportedly recommending President’s in a non-BJP ruled state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Kejriwal said, “Union Cab recommending Prez rule in Arunachal shocking. Murder of Consti on Rep D eve. BJP lost elections.Now acquiring power thro back door.(sic)”

Arunachal Pradesh has Congress government but the BJP appointed governor has been accused of engineering a split in the ruling party.

The Union Cabinet’s reported recommendation to impose President’s Rule in Arunachal comes at a time when the Supreme Court is hearing host of petitions related to allegations of unconstitutional intervention in the democratically elected government of Congress party by governor  Rajkhowa.

Congress had 47 MLAs in the 60 member assembly  lawmakers in the chief minister has now got the support of 26.

CM Nabam Tuki has called the governor a “BJP agent”, who allegedly helped the rebel Congress lawmakers in their bid to topple his government by convening the assembly session ahead of time in a hotel room.

Governor is also accused of encouraging the deputy speaker of the assembly to hold a session to ensure that the Speaker Nabam Rebia was “impeached.”

Modi government has always been accused of making every attempts to weaken the givernments in states where his party has failed to win majority under his leadership.

Kejriwal has often cited the repeated interferences by the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung in his government as an example of Modi government’s attempt to disturb the governance in Delhi.


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  1. All of Modi’s cheap tactics are going on giving him a tremendous setbacks in his support base day after day !!! If he is not sensible enough to notice this erosion and stop his harassment of his political opponents / detractors, he will not complete his term and people will throw him out from his chair in the immediate future !!!

  2. While Modi government is not exactly gaining anything by antagonizing Kejriwal, it’s been held responsible for all law order problems in states ruled by other parties. BJP is grossly mismanaging communication in the media, but theatrics of Kejriwal will also lose appeal. You can not connect dot between everything in the country and AAP government in Delhi.


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