Mumbai police arrests 40 consenting couple for ‘indecent activity,’ sets twitter on fire


Mumbai police rounding up 40-odd consenting couple from hotels in Madh Island on Saturday generated huge backlash on social media with many likening the cops with Talibans.

Upset with the Mumbai police’s action public figures like Music director Vishal Dadlani, comedian, stand up artist from AIB Rohan Joshi, and may others took to twitter to protest against the incident.

Outrage of public on twitter resulted in #mumbaipolice trending on twitter nationwide.

Vishal Dadlani tweeted, ‘”BECAUSE….SEX! It must be stopped!”- Mumbai Police.’

‘Cops barging into rooms arresting couples for “public indecency” is blatant misuse of power & moral policing’, tweeted Raghu Ram.

‘Dear Mumbai Police in the name of moral policing don’t impose your frustration to Ethical Lovers. Don’t redefine Democracy. Shameful act’, tweeted Kailash Kher.

Rohan Joshi tweeted ‘The dirtiest card the Indian police play with young people is the “I’ll call your parents” one. Use it to terrorise kids into anything’.


On saturday, Malwani police arrested 40 adult couples from various 2 star hotels and lodges in Madh Island and aksa area. They were charged with ‘indecent behavior in public.’ The arrested couples were released after nearly five hours of insult in police station followed by a fine of Rs. 1200.

Some of the couples were made to call their parents causing huge embarrassment. One girl reportedly told Mid Day newspaper that she was feeling suicidal because of the stigma as her parents had stopped speaking to her.

Another 21-year-old girl, who had gone there with her fiancee, who shes getting married with next month, said that she was slapped by a female police constable.


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