Mumbai employee approaches IndiGo to have his boss bashed up


A day after IndiGo staff brutally bashed up one of its passengers, social media users have begun mocking the airlines for employing goons. The airlines had later clarified that it had fired the individuals concerned including the whistle-blower, but it did not stop social media users from poking fun at the expense of the airlines company.


The most funniest tweet was posted by an individual called Rohit Choube, who approached the airlines with some ‘help.’ His first tweet said, “I need help for tomorrow’s mumbai delhi flight…Can somebody please respond, (sic)”

However, when he did not get any response for his tweet he posted another tweet asking IndiGo ‘Can you please respond?’

To which IndiGo replied, “Hi, Rohit. How may we assist you?”

Rohit asked with a hashtag #ThokoIndiGo, “My boss is travelling by 15.00 pm flight to Delhi .. ‘ जैसे ही वो उतरे, कूट देना साले को। (Just thrash him mercilessly as soon as he lands up in Delhi) ‘ thanks :)”

A group of IndiGo staff, behaving like goons, brutally beat up a passenger after the latter indulged in arguments with them at Delhi airport on 15 October. The video of passenger Vinay Katiyal being thrashed by a group of IndiGo staff had gone viral.

IndiGo Airlines has apologised for the incident while adding that the staff involved including the whistle-blower have been fired. The airline said, “Incident probed by designated committee. Took action against staff who was main culprit, by immediately terminating his employment.”


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