Mukesh Ambani wants PM Modi to take steps against ‘data colonisation’ by global corporations


Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Friday made a desperate plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking him to take immediate steps against what he termed was data colonisation particularly by international companies.

Mukesh Ambani

Speaking at the the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Ambani said that Indian data must be owned by Indians as he invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s movement against the British imperialism. Ambani said that India now needed similar movement against data colonisation.

He said, “Gandhiji led India’s movement against political colonisation. Today, we have to collectively launch a new movement against data colonisation.”

Adding that data is new wealth, the richest businessman of India said that India’s data must be controlled and ‘owned by Indian people and not by corporates, specially global corporations.’ He said, “For India to succeed in this data driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of Indian data back to India. In other words, give Indian wealth back to every Indian.”

Calling Modi a man of action, Ambani urged the prime minister to make this as ‘one of the political goals of your digital India mission.’

Ambani also promised invest Rs 3 lakh crore in various projects in the next 10 years in Gujarat. with the project including energy, petrochemical, new technology and digital business. His Reliance Industries already operates the world’s largest oil refining complex at Jamnagar in Gujarat as well as petrochemical units at multiple locations in the state.

The Reliance on Thursday had said that its quarter (Q3) profit had risen by 8.82% from a year earlier. This, the company said, was largely because of higher price realisations in its petrochemical, telecom and retail sectors.


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