‘Mr Jung, Please resign and history may still forgive you for taking Delhi for a ride’



“Delhi isn’t a full state, but it isn’t a full union territory either”

Dear Mr Najeeb Jung,

Please stop treating Delhi and its people as your personal fiefdom. Granted, Delhi is certainly not a full state as you keep harping on. But it is also true that it isn’t a full union territory. The term used in the Constitution is National Capital Territory (NCT).

Simply put, it means that barring the three subjects of Land, Police and Public Order (mentioned clearly in Article 162 of the Constitution), Delhi has all the rights of a full state.

Similarly, your own power as the Lieutenant Governor, nearly coincides with the functions of a state Governor save the above mentioned three subjects, on which your decision (coming from the Centre) supercedes that of the state government.

“If there’s an iota of conscience left in you Mr Jung, please resign and spill the beans on your political masters on why you chose to go beyond your Constitutional role to harm and attack the Delhi Government, and history may still forgive you.”

By your recent decisions, you have not only violated the constitutional provisions and probity, but also tried to usurp the power of a government elected by a massive historic mandate. Do you realize how dangerous your decisions (prodded by the Centre of course) have been for the federal structure of our democracy?

Mr Jung please resign

Your decision to block the Delhi government-constituted Commission of Inquiry on DDCA corruption is along the predictable lines. You have successfully substantiated Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government’s allegations of being a stooge of the central government.

To be fair on you, we realise that it’s not your independent decision. You are just toeing the line of your political bosses at the Centre.

As an individual with a distinguished academic and professional track record, one would have expected you to use your conscience, or at least common sense, and take the right constitutional positions. That you chose to be a rubber stamp of the Centre in all their nefarious decisions substantiate the allegations that you have skeletons in your own cupboard, and to hide those, you have completely compromised your own integrity in taking the cover of the Centre.

In doing so, you have failed to fulfill your constitutional obligations and taken the people of Delhi for a ride. And mark my words, your ill-advised decisions will come to haunt you. I have full faith in the Indian judiciary and I’m sure it will give a clear verdict on the Constitutional position soon.

You certainly have no moral authority to remain in your position.

If there’s an iota of conscience left in you Mr Jung, please resign and spill the beans. Confess why you chose to go beyond your constitutional role to harm and attack the Kejriwal government, and history may still forgive you.
Hope you will listen to the voice of your conscience.

A concerned Indian citizen

The author is a Gulf-based Indian journalist and keen observer of Indian politics.


  1. Look at the language. LG is still the chief executive of Delhi? Please use your words carefully. He is all within his rights. If a bill has to be sent to him; there is some merit in it? He is not a rubber stamp as you want to see him. With brute majority of AAP, LG’s role become even more important. Arvind Kejriwal is a virtual dictator and doesn’t like anyone from AAP legislature to even comment on his bills. There is hardly any opposition. The three people are often marshaled out when they put their opinions. The bills, even if for public good, can be technically flawed. Take example of the “Public School audit and fee return bill”. The bill gives power to the audit commission, but does not say anything on the corruption they may do or the punishment for taking money to clear the accounts of an unaided school. How is this audit different from the inspector raj you people intended to do away with? And then the salaries of 2.5 crore for just auditing the accounts. The audited accounts of these schools are already audited by CAs who are empowered by law to do so.
    LG is therefore an astute person. He knows his duties and knows that his role is of paramount importance when the government has brute majority.

    • It has been clarified time and again by Indian courts that a Governor’s role as the head of state is merely a titular one and not for taking independent decisions or indecisions, as in this case. Granted that for Delhi, police, land and law & order are outside the purview of the elected government, but everything else is. It would behoove you to know the facts before making rhetorical statements. Even in the CNG fitness scam, the LG tried to block the enquiry commission using the same argument. The High Court refused to stay the enquiry and allowed it to continue while the case is in progress. The same will happen here as well. Yes we are in dire need of a constructive opposition, but as long as the three idiots continue to speak out of turn and block the assembly, they deserve to be marshaled out.

    • Brother , his behaviour is circumspect vis-a-vis the previous and this central govt, we never heard of LG’s coming to limelight during the previous delhi govt and by all means the BJP is feeling the heat and sees the LG and IG as last refuge , its people mandate and they hav no right to oppose, either he is with falsehood (sabotaging fight against corruption) or with the truth (order commission of enquiry against DDCA).Clearly he is picking sides with his political masters and surely he will suffer.

  2. The state laws did not change in last 2 years. But his behaviour did change between two diff central governments. Or we would never see FIR against Mukesh Ambani. Or we could not see the audit of Discoms getting completed. Or we could not see the ACB helpline working flawlessly for 49 days. All these few examples have changed keeping all constants but 1, the central government. 🙂

  3. Very well written article. The fact that Mrs. Dixit almost never sent any bill to LG or his approval underlines the changed policy of the LG. It is really strange how the LG is working outside his given responsibilities!

  4. Let’s talk about Constitution. Article 233AA clearly states that LG or center cannot interfere in any if the executive decisions if the ruling govt except for police, Land order & Land. Also Rule 23 in DNCT clearly states that Delhi govt doesn’t require anyone:s permission to setup an enquiry commission

  5. नेताओ,लोकसेवको और नागरिक़ो का मोरल गिर चूका है . कोई भी क़ानून बिना
    संस्कारी नेता,लोकसेवक और नागरिक़ो के लागू नही हो रहा है और न ही होगा .
    अन्याय का विरोध करनेवालो को समस्त हथकंडो से दफ़न कर दिया जाता है . क्योंकि
    बुराई का पलड़ा भारी हो गया है . सत्य और
    न्याय के मालिक की जय हो. जय मा भारती.

  6. हर एक देशवासी का अच्च्छा भविष्य, संसद
    मे मानवो को भेजने से होगा.मानव ही मानवता के कर्म करेंगे.समाज और राष्ट्र को
    बाटनेवालो को संसद से मीलो दूर दफ़न करदो I एक
    व्यक्ति , एक पार्टी , एक जाती , एक संप्रदाय के बस का रोग नही रहा है I मेरे देश के सच्चे लाड़लो,देशप्रेमियो
    एव सभी वॉटर्स संसद मे मानवो का बहुमत
    भेजकर देश को डूबने से बचालोI




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