Mosque staff arrested after found carrying bullet while visiting Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi Police have arrested a mosque staff after he was found to be carrying a bullet in his wallet while visiting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The man, identified as Imran Khan, had gone to meet Kejriwal as part of a delegation of Muslim clerics, when security personnel discovered a live bullet from his wallet.


Khan said that he had found the live bullet lying in a donation box of his mosque in Masjid Bawli Wali and had been planning to throw it into Yamuna, but decided to keep it. The cops have booked him under stringent Arms act.

“A man was arrested under The Arms Act after a live bullet was seized from him during checking when he went to visit CM Kejriwal yesterday morning. He was among the Muslim clerics who had gone to the CM with a request to increase the salary by Waqf Board,” news agency ANI quoted the Delhi Police.

ADCP Harinder Singh, according to ANI, said, “A live cartridge was found in pocket of one of the men. We arrested him (pic 2). He’s a caretaker at Baoli masjid in Karol Bagh. He says someone had dropped it in donation box 2 months back.He didn’t inform police&carried it with intention of throwing it away.”

The Delhi Police had come under considerable attack from Kejriwal’s party, AAP, after a security lapse saw a BJP supporter Anil Sharma attack Kejriwal with chilli powders last week. Sharma had attacked Kejriwal outside his office inside the state secretariat as the chief minister emerged out of his office for lunch break.

Kejriwal had to be rushed to hospital as he broke his glasses while trying to protect himself from the attack.

The police came under condemnation as the video showed one of the officers showing sympathy to the attacker. Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister, had launched a tirade against the Delhi Police asking it to feel ashamed for not being able to protect her husband. Her anger was evident moments after Kejriwal was attacked by a man, identified as Anil Sharma, inside the secretariat building.

Speaking during the foundation day of his party on Monday, Kejriwal had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign if he cannot ensure the chief minister’s security.


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