“Mohan Bhagwat too will be declared terrorist if..”: Rahul Gandhi launches stunning attack on PM Modi with ‘incompetent man’ jibe


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him an incompetent man, who doesn’t understand anything. Reacting to the farmers’ agitation, Gandhi said that Modi was being controlled by a selected few crony capitalists, adding that even RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will be declared a terrorist if decided to speak against the prime minister.

Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi told reporters, “Narendra Modi and the BJP have only one goal. Farmers and labourers have understood that. The goal is that Narendra Modi will work towards making money for three-four crony capitalists, who are close to him.”

Gandhi added that anyone raising voice against Modi is slandered with name-calling. “If farmers raise their voice, they are called terrorists. If labourers raise their voice, they are declared terrorists. One day if Mohan Bhagwat raises his voice (against Modi), he too will be declared a terrorist.”

Gandhi was speaking to reporters to reiterate his support for the protesting farmers, demanding the withdrawal of the three Farm Laws. The Congress leader said that Modi was determined to hand over the control of India to his businessman friends.

Calling PM Modi an incompetent man, Gandhi said, “When I said ‘take corona seriously, corona is going to kill thousands of people if you do not act,’ I was accused of scare-mongering. Now they are not saying scare-mongering. When I suggested to the prime minister, ‘do not do this in a centralised way, give powers to the chief ministers,’ he didn’t do it. He let thousands of people die. But after I said this in a press conference, he did it.”

Gandhi continued, “So, the point is that you have an incompetent man, who’s controlled by certain other people. This is what India has to understand. This is what all youngsters have to understand.”

According to Gandhi, Modi was an ‘incompetent man, who doesn’t understand anything ‘ and running the system on behalf of his close businessman friends.


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