Mohammad Shami bowled India to World Test number 1 ranking even as his daughter remained in ICU


Mohammad Shami’s contribution to the Indian cricket during the Eden Test match against New Zealand was so crucial that we ended up beating the Kiwis by 178 runs recently.

The lad from Muradabad had taken six wickets in the match with three in each innings.

But little did we know that the Indian pacer was passing through huge emotional turbulence in his personal life even as he worked tirelessly for his country’s win. His 14-month-old daughter was admitted in an ICU in Kolkata hospital.

Mohammad Shami

Shami was informed about his baby’s alarming condition right during at the end of Day 2 of the match. Since being informed, he would play during the day and rush to hospital to be with his daughter in the evening and night.

India had dislodged Pakistan from International number one Test ranking because of this victory against New Zealand.

Social media users have rightly saluted this real hero’s courage and commitment to his country.


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