Modi’s ‘trust chowkidar with your money’ comments at Delhi event leave Twitterati in splits


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed his supporters at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium. Billed as Main Bhi Chowkidar programme, the extravagant event saw Modi introduce himself as the country’s watchman once again.

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

Addressing the crowd Modi said, “When the BJP entrusted me with the responsibility and I got the opportunity to visit the country, then I asked to myself as to what I will tell people. It was then that I had said that ‘you are appointing a chowkidar in Delhi.’ I will not let anybody paw at your money under my guard. It is my responsibility as the chowkidar to make sure that the nation’s wealth is safe.”

No sooner were his comments were made public, Twitterati began to poke fun at the glaring irony of his so-called commitment. Many highlighted the hypocrisy in his statement by asking at whose expense was Sunday’s extravagant election programme was being organised in Delhi. Others reminded him how as a self-claimed chowkidar, he had allowed his businessman friends to loot the country by referring to Nirav Modi and Mehul Ckoksi.

User Basit Farooq Malik wrote on Twitter, “Main Bhi Chowkidar programme: PM Narendra Modi says he will not allow anyone to misuse public money. Means he himself he can.” User Rajesh Kumar Sharma asked, “Why modi g is spending our hard earned money for his advertisements.” User Royal Fakeer asked, “Safe in Ambani & Adani ‘s Bank Accounts?” User Dipa Baruah tweeted, “This fraud chowkidar takes away our money to give out to ambani, adani and other billionaires.”

User Desi Pepe wrote, “They couldn’t even keep their own party website safe.” This was in reference to this month’s hacking of BJP’s official website, which the party failed to restore even weeks after the hackers took control. Later, the party was accused of stealing a template, developed by an Andhra-based start-up, to partially restore its website.

Modi is seeking a second term in office as India’s prime minister in this year’s Lok Sabha polls that are scheduled to be held in seven phases, starting 11 April. The counting will take place on 23 May.



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