Modi’s minister says Araria will become hub of terror, Rabri Devi says ‘terrorists of entire country are sitting in BJP office’


A controversial minister in the Centre’s Narendra Modi government has made another communally-charged statement as he warned that Araria district will now become a hub of terror.

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Giriraj Singh’s comments came a day after the Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD pulled off an exceptional win in the Araria bypolls by beating the BJP candidate over 60,000 votes.  Singh that Araria shared borders with West Bengal and Nepal adding that ‘this is not only a threat to Bihar but also to the country. It will be a hub of terror.’

His comments elicited angry response from Bihar’s former chief minister, Rabri Devi, who slammed the BJP minister for his communal statements adding that Singh had insulted the voters of Araria.

The former chief minister of Bihar said, “Poore desh ke aatankvaadi BJP ke daftar mein baithte hain. Janta ne jawab de diya hai isliye baukhlaaye huye hain. Bihar aur Uttar Pradesh ki janta raasta dikha rahi hai.( Terrorists of entire country are sitting in BJP office. People have replied, so they are frowning. People of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are showing the path.”

Rabri also warned Singh to control his tongue or face the consequences in 2019. She said, “Vaani ko vash mein rakhe, Araria ki janta se maafi maange. Warna janta maaf nahi karegi 2019 mein.( Control your tongue. People of Araria wont forgive them in 19.)”

Rabri’s son and former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav said, “This Man is the Central Minister and Unfortunately he is not aware that it’s his government in Bihar & Delhi. If he & BJP doesn’t believe in Nitish Kumar’s leadership then why don’t ask him to step down or withdraw ur support. Such a Shame for Nitish Kumar.”

While campaigning for the bypolls in Araria, the state’s BJP chief, Nityanand Rai, had made a desperate attempt to communalise the election by stating that the constituency will turn into an ISI’s hub if the RJD candidate won the elections.

In 2015, while campaigning for the assembly elections in Bihar, BJP Chief Amit Shah astonishingly said that there will be Diwali in Pakistan if the saffron party lost the polls. The BJP had suffered a humiliating defeat, only to forge an alliance with JDU a year later after Chief Kumar walked out of the alliance unexpectedly.



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