Modi’s Lahore stopover: Old interview goes viral on social media


Minutes after Narendra Modi announced he was stopping over in Lahore to meet his Pakistani counterpart, social media went on the overdrive.

Criticism flew thick and fast with social media users began to dig out old statements and tweets of not just the prime minister but his supporters, who had slammed Modi’s predecessors for being ‘soft’ towards Pakistan.

Amidst the attempts to highlight the glaring irony of what Modi and his supporters had once said, one particular video of Modi has gone viral.

This 1.15 minute long video is of Modi’s controversial interview with India TV, which he gave just before the Lok Sabha elections. The said interview had come under sharp scrutiny with many accusing the channel of throwing the objectivity in journalism out of the window.

In this short clip, Modi is asked by the anchor, Rajat Sharma, about his views on 26/11 and what he would have done if he was the prime minister.

Taking an extremely hawkish line in his inimitable style Modi replies, “What I did it in Gujarat, I would have done here. I wouldn’t have hesitated (huge applause). I repeat today. We should respond to Pakistan in the language it understands. India should stop writing love letters (huge applause). ”

Sharma, gently says to him if India should not have heeded the international pressure.

Modi replies with an incredible rhetoric, “India is a country of 100 crore people, we can create pressure in the world. ( big applause) How can others pressurise us. I’m puzzled. Pakistan has hit us, attacked us in Mumbai and our minister went to America to cry ‘O bama, O bama. Please protect us, we have been hit.’ Is it how we should behave?”

However, there were those who hailed his initiative as masterstroke describing the move as unconventional but a good beginning. Following his visit to Lahore, both countries have now decided to hold foreign secretaries level talks in Islamabad on 15 January.



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