Modi’s degree row: When PM said he was successful because of his lack of education, Video goes viral


The controversy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree may have briefly faded out from public discourse but this has not stopped activists from continuing to find new evidence in a bid to discredit his recently produced MA and BA degrees.


On Saturday, activists began to fervently share an old video clip of Modi, who appeared to publicly admit that he never studied beyond school.

The video, believed to have been shot in a programme organised soon after the results for Lok Sabha elections were announced in 2014, shows Modi say, “I had left (home) at the age of 17. I’ve not studied much friends. You may be surprised by this revelation. I completed my school education in the village. (Pointing towards a member of the audience) As a lady was saying that people don’t move up in life because of education, I must say that I didn’t get education (laughter in the audience). And that’s why I moved ahead in life.(more laughter).”

The prime minister’s education has been a subject of intense public discussion after the opposition parties, AAP in particular, stepped up attack against him calling his degrees fake and forged.

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This had forced the BJP President, Amit Shah and Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, to address a news conference to present what they claimed were the degree certificates of Modi’s BA and MA qualifications.

Even one of prime minister’s old professors had questioned the subjects stated in his documents.

According to Modi’s Professor at Gujarat University,  Jayanti Patel, subjects mentioned in MA certificate allegedly did not exist.

Patel claims to have taught at Gujarat University during the period Modi reportedly studied there for his Masters degree, more precisely between 1969 and 1993.



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