Modi: ‘As tea-seller, I sold Assam tea which refreshed people, I owe a debt to Assam’


Prime Minister has kick-started the BJP’s campaign in Assam by addressing a rally in Tinsukia on Saturday.

Addressing the crowd, the prime minister recounted his past as a tea-seller.

He said, “When I was a tea-seller, it was Assam tea I sold which refreshed people, I owe a debt to Assam for that. Yahi to chai hai jis chai ne duniya bhar mein Hindustan ke prati chaah paida kar di hai. Hamare chai bagan mein kaam karne wale logon ne chai ki chuski lete lete Hindustan ke logon mein urjaa bharne ka kaam kiya hai.

He added, “Mere teen agenda hain-Vikas, Tez gati se vikaas and Chaaro taraf vikaas. Situation in Assam will change if three things are done- education to poorest, income to youths and medicines to old.

“Assam was one of the most prosperous states at the time of independence. Today, it is one of the poorest. There are many villages in Assam which don’t even have electric poles.”

He said his fight was not against the chief minister Tarun Gogoi but against corruption.

He added, “My fight is not against CM Tarun Gogoi ji, my fight is against poverty and corruption. But this is surely going to benefit Assam. There is one wave in Assam, one Anand in Assam and that is ‘Sarbanand’.”

Modi, famous for using alliterations and one-liners in his public speeches, had famously used another tea analogy (Brooke Bond) while addressing a crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium in November last year.

He had said, “When you think of a Bond, you think of Brooke Bond. If James Bond gives you entertainment, Brooke Bond refreshes you.”

Modi has also been known to use personal anecdotes in his election speeches to connect with the people of the concerned states.

One of his most used lines has been to describe the poll-bound state his second home.

During Haryana assembly elections: “Haryana is like my second home. I got my political learning from this land.”

In 2013, while addressing a rally in Mumbai, Modi called the Maxim city his ‘second home.’:  “Mumbai is my second home, Gujarati language’s second home is Maharashtra.”

In 2012, while addressing election rally in Himachal Pradesh, Modi said, “Himachal is my second home after Gujarat. I would have loved to visit the state more in this poll season had it not been for elections in Gujarat.”

This became subject of joke on social media with many users mocking him for calling at least three states his second homes.

During his election rallies in the past, he also promised to make several states number 1. These states included Jharkhand, Haryana, Assam, Maharashtra and Bihar. This also earned him ridicule on social media platforms.



    Do not believe a word Naruddin Muddi says……….. He lied about Gujarat development, He lied about Jasodaben, He lied about Godhra riots, He lied about his lower caste (OBC) to get votes when in fact this liar belongs to the upper caste called ‘Modh Ghanchis’ , He lied about women snooping, He lied about Bokharia, He lied about Solanki, He lied about Amit Shah………. He lied about briging black money within 100 days…. He lied about giving Rs. 15 lakhs to every Indian within 100 days…. He lied about NA KHAUNGA.. NA KHAANE DOONGA while allowing Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Raman Singh and Shivaraj Chouhan and his wife to loot the nation………Naruddin Muddi is a serial liar.

  2. INDIAN PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF MODI………. Indian people are so disappointed with Narendra Modi that 2019 has started looking like 1977 again. Indian men are angry and Indian women are disappointed at how this feku from Gujarat and his 40 chor and 5 choranis have done nothing to change how things were in India under Congress but made it worse. Black money was promised within 100 days but not a single paisa is brought back yet, nobody has gone to jail for corruption. Suresh Kalamadi is free, A. Raja is free, Kanimozi is free, Sharad Pawar is free,….

  3. MODI PROMISED BUT………. Nobody has gone to jail but on top of that Modi has delivered his own corruption, nepotism and incompetency through Arun Jaitlley’s DDCA corruption, Sushma Swaraj’s misuse of office, nepotism and breaking the law, Vasundhara Raje’s blatant misuse of power and helping a criminal Lalit Modi, the Vyapam scam and murders, Chattisgargh PDS scam, Smiriti Irani’s lying under oath about education, religious intolerance and killing of Muslims, increasing fanaticism and making a laughing stock of India with gayish behavior on world stage by hugging Western leaders all the time.

    (1) Poor economic performance
    (2) Lying about bringing black money
    (3) Lying about making CBI independent
    (4) Nation looting by Swaraj, Raje, Shivaraj and Jaitley
    (5) Stupid Hindutva fanaticism and intolerance
    (6) Inability to pass legislations
    (7) Lying and suppressing of Jasodaben story
    (8) Darpok responses to Pakistan’s attacks on border
    (9) Utter failure to protect nation at Pathankot
    (10) United opposition
    (11) Beginning of defeats in Delhi, Bihar, Punjab and Bengal
    (12) Rising popularity and splendid performance of AAP


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