Issues PM Modi should have broken his silence on


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday finally spoke about the shameful incident of lynching of an innocent man in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri based on rumours that he had stored and eaten beef in his house.

The incident caused widespread global condemnation prompting debates on the growing religious intolerance in India.

While speaking about Dadri lynching, Modi said that he was sad about what happened, but chose not to condemn the murder of 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq, father of an Indian Air Force personnel.

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Many of his critics felt that Modi’s reaction to Dadri and other frequent occurrences of religious intolerance was too little and too late.

While he remained silent, more than two dozens renowned writers decided to return their literary honours and Padma awards in protest against the killing of scholar MM Kalburgi and Dadri incident.

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We’ve compiled a list of incidents, when PM Modi ought to have spoken and condemned the ‘poisonous’ utterances. See below.

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