Modi, Raje rightly mocked and condemned for hypocrisy on concern for terror victims


Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajasthan chief minister, Vasundhara Raje Scindia, on Friday wasted no time in expressing their anguish for the victims of terror attack in Sweden.

modi raje mocked

In his inimitable style, Modi tweeted, “We condemn the attack in Stockholm. My thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with those injured. India stands firmly with the people of Sweden in this hour of grief.”

The Indian PM till now has not spoken a word or expressed grief over the death of his own countryman, who was brutally killed by his supporters in a state governed by his party, the BJP.

A 55-year-old dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan, was lynched in broad daylight to death by members of right-wing terrorists in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. It had taken widespread condemnation for the chief minister of Rajasthan to order action against the murderers.

But, Raje did not need any prompting or condemnation to take to Twitter to express her grief on the terror attack in Stockholm.

Like Modi, she too tweeted, “My heart goes out to victims of #Stockholm terror attack. We stand with the people of #Sweden in this difficult time. #UniteAgainstTerror

Many found the grief expressed by Modi and Raje ironic particularly in light of their silence on the death of an innocent Indian by terrorists, who professed and practiced the ideology of these two politicians’ party.

It’s clear that both Modi and Raje have once again made it abundantly clear that they couldn’t simply care much for the loss of a fellow countryman’s life. For the PM in particular, all he cares about is maintaining his statesman’s image abroad while giving tacit approval to routine acts of brutality against Muslims.

In September 2015, Modi had come under huge condemnation for not condemning the Dadri lynching of an innocent Muslim, a father of an Indian Air Force engineer.

Here are some Twitter reactions;


  1. It is sad the poor person was beaten to death. But, tell me something did our PM or CM or Rajasthan order this killing. Daily in india there is thousands of killings happening and if PM and CM start to tweet for this 24 hours is not enough. The right thing is for people to be more responsible. Making a villian out of PM or CM for this is not correct. If all you comment makers here can do something for that poor man’s family then go ahead and do it rather than expecting a tweet from PM and CM. Let us assume that they tweet and condemn this instance will it change anything?
    BY the way tweeting for Sweden terrorist attack is a foreign affairs matter.


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