Modi has lost Bihar even before 5th phase of elections: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lost Bihar battle even before the fifth and final phase of polls, scheduled for Thursday(tomorrow).

He took to twitter to make his observation, “Paanchve charan se pehle hi Modi ji Bihar haar chuke hain. Janadesh ki disha saaf hai. Modi desh sanbhale, desh ko baate nahi. (Modi ji has lost the Bihar battle even before the fifth phase of polls. People’s mandate is clear. Modi should take care of the country and not divide it.)”

Kejriwal also advised Modi to respect the federal structure of the country by not ‘unnecessary interruption’ the functioning of the state governments.

He said, “Rajyon mein dakhal andaazi band karein. Sanghiye dhaanche ko barqaraar rakhe. Bharat ki dharmnirpekshta, samaanta, rashtriye ekta ko barqaraar rakhe. Yahi desh hit hai( Stop unnecessary intervention in the functioning of state governments. Respect the federal structure. Maintain India’s secular ethos, equality and national unity. This is in the interest of the nation.)”

On Wednesday, the Delhi CM had tweeted asking people of Bihar to defeat the BJP in the ongoing elections primarily to teach the party a lesson for its attempts to divide the society through hate politics.

He said, “I appeal to everyone to phone their friends and relatives in Bihar and ask them to vote to make Nitish ji the CM. It is important that BJP lose Bihar so that they know that hate politics will not work in this country. People want love n peace, not hate.”


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