Modi govt sends CBI team to raid CM’s house, what if a CM raids PM’s house, asks Mamata Banerjee?


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said that India could not be ruled from Delhi as there was a greater need to expand the powers of state governmentschools.

Inaugurating the first ever conclave to discuss centre-state relations,  Kejriwal said, “yeah desh bahut bada hai aur ise sirf Dilli mein baithkar nahi chalaya jaa sakta hai  (This country is too big and it can’t be ruled by sitting in Delhi).”

Kejriwal, who’s been at loggerheads with the centre’s BJP government, praised his West Bengal counterpart, Mamata Banerjee, for supporting him on advocating more powers to state government.

He also reminded the audience how the central government through Delhi’s lieutenant governor had consistently caused obstruction in the ‘smooth running of government in Delhi.’

Kejriwal said, ” Never in the history of India has it happened that an LG declared the decisions of an elected government null and void.

He,however, made it clear that he was not against the central government but wanted its ‘cooperation.’

Speaking at the event, Mamata Banerjee slammed the ‘double-standards’ of the Modi government in dealing with the non-BJP ruled states.

She said, “The Centre sends CBI to raid the house of a CM. What if a CM raids the PM’s house, what will become of our democracy. More than 100 people died in Madhyà Pradesh. But nothing happened.”

Banerjee also criticised Modi government for ‘pulling out from various schemes, shifting their financial responsibilities on States.’

Kejriwal’s initiative got backing from six chief ministers. Nitish Kumar could not attend due to ‘Bihar elections’ but sent a letter of support for the Delhi CM. Among other CMs, Tripura CM, Manik Sarkar too attended the event.

Lauding the Delhi CM’so initiative, Banerjee said, “The initiative of Delhi CM is really good. We must carry this forward. In future we will have a conclave in Kolkata also.”


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