“Modi govt has mismanaged the Kashmir issue like never before”


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday lashed out at the Centre’s Narendra Mlodi government for its mismanaged policies on Jammu and Kashmir.

Manmohan Singh

Addressing his party’s 84th plenary session, Singh said that the Modi government had mismanaged the Kashmir issue ‘like never before.’ He said, “India needs to create an environment that is neigbour friendly. Congress party worked in that direction. We have problems today but they need to be resolved peacefully. Hostile behavior will not help. We must remember that Pakistan is our neigbhour.

“However, its support to terrorism is not acceptable. We must warn Pakistan that this is problematic to the peace in sub-continent. Modi government has mismanaged the Kashmir issue like never before. The condition is deteriorating and that is visible in the cross border infiltration. The government has not able to solve this.”

Singh also slammed Modi for his failed promises on doubling the farmers’ income in six years. The former prime minister said, “PM Modi said we will double the farmer’s income in 6 years time. If you want to do that, you need a growth rate of 12 percent per annum, which is not possible. This is only jumla and tall promises made by PM Modi.”

Singh also attacked the Modi government for failing to provide the promised 2 crore jobs. He said, “Lots of tall promises made but they were not fulfilled. They said if BJP comes to power, they will provide two crore of jobs, but we have not seen even two lakh jobs. Instead problems created for small-sized businesses and informal sectors.”

Earlier the party had called the Modi government’s foreign policy towards Pakistan a disaster. In its resolution on policy, the party had said, “Confronting cross-border terrorism with a robust security response, has enjoyed across the board national consensus. Regrettably, this is being undermined by the Government by making policy towards Pakistan a divisive domestic issue. The claims of a more effective and assertive policy towards Pakistan are boastful, and have not yielded any positive results.”



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