Modi government makes U-turn on Kohinoor diamond


Narendra Modi government on Tuesdag made yet another U-turn, this time on the Kohinoor issue saying it will make all efforts to bring back the precious diamond it had said in the Supreme Court was “neither stolen nor forcibly” taken by British rulers but given to it by erstwhile rulers of Punjab.

According to PTI, in a statement, the government claimed it had not yet conveyed its views to the court “contrary to what is being misrepresented” in the media.

The counsel for the central government on Monday had told the Supreme Court that India should not try to reclaim Kohinoor  diamond as it was neither stolen nor forcibly taken.

This stand by Modi government left the Supreme Court judges somewhat surprised.

The apex court warned the government that its stand could effectively mean “You will face a problem in the future for making any legitimate claim” to the 105-carat diamond.


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