Modi government should apologise to nation for acting in unconstitutional manner: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Wednesday demanded apology from the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for what said was acting in unconstitutional manner by dismissing an elected government of Uttarakhand.


He tweeted, “Modi Govt shud apologise to the nation for acting in unconstitutional and undemocratic manner in Uttarakhand. (sic)”

The Delhi chief minister also warned Modi that he mustn’t indulge in similar ‘misadventure’ by disqualifying 21 AAP MLAs.

He said, “Hope Modi ji will learn a lesson from Uttarakhand and not do similar misadventure in Delhi by disqualifying our 21 MLAs.”

Kejriwal’s attack came after a visibly embarrassed Modi government was forced to revoke President’s Rule in the hill state on Wednesday.

Supreme Court lawyer, Sanjay Hegde too warned Modi government to learn its lesson and give up its ‘planned misadventures in HP, Manipur & Karnataka.”

He wrote, “Hopefully #uttarakhandcrisis serves as a warning against similar planned misadventures in HP, Manipur & Karnataka. (sic).”

Earlier today, the Supreme Court had asked the Centre to place on record of revoking the proclamation of President’s Rule, said Mukesh Giri, Special Counsel to Uttarakhand.

The decision came after Narendra Modi government on Wednesday conceded before the Supreme Court that Harish Rawat had indeed gained majority in the Uttarakhand assembly on Tuesday.


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