Aam Admi Party terms Modi government anti-soldier after jawan dies in mysterious circumstances


The AAP today dubbed the BJP-led NDA government as “anti-soldier” following the mysterious death of an army jawan who featured in a video on the abuse of the ‘Sahayak’ (buddy) system in the military.

Accusing the government of torturing soldiers, the party also demanded protection for soldiers who have “exposed corruption” in the armed forces.

modi government anti soldier

“We hold Modi Sarkar responsible for Roy Mathew’s mysterious death and demand an inquiry into it and complaints made by other jawans. What steps has Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar taken so far on these complaints?” senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said.

The deceased jawan Roy Mathew was shown in the video, with his face covered, narrating the woes of soldiers. The video also showed soldiers walking dogs of officers and taking their children to school.

Mathew, who hailed from Ezhukon in Kollam district of Kerala, was found hanging from the ceiling of a room in an abandoned barrack in Deolali cantonment in Nashik yesterday.

The sting operation had led to criticism of the British-era ‘Sahayak’ system.

AAP Delhi convener Dilip Pandey alleged that the NDA government has not yet granted full One Rank, One Pension (OROP) scheme.

“It the same party that questioned the mental state of retired army man Ram Kishen Grewal who committed suicide last year to demand full OROP.

“BJP’s student body ABVP has hounded a martyr’s daughter Gurmehar Kaur and Home Minister Rijuju made irresponsible statements about her. This is the true face of BJP. It hates the army and anyone who truly loves the country,” Pandey added.

A 33-year-old jawan, who purportedly figured in an expose by a news portal on the orderly system in the army, was found dead in Maharashtra’s Deolali and army today appeared to blame the website for driving him to commit “suicide”.

Roy Mathew, a resident of Ezhukon in Kollam district of Kerala, was missing since February 25 and his decomposed body was found hanging from the ceiling in an abandoned barrack in Deolali cantonment in Nashik yesterday.

The army said it never questioned Mathew after the video, which showed soldiers, working as Sahayaks, walking dogs of senior army officials or taking their children to school, surfaced.

It said preliminary investigation has revealed that “the suicide may be result of a series of events which were triggered by media personnel managing to video-graph the deceased by asking leading questions on his duties as a buddy without his knowledge.

“It is very likely that the guilt factor of letting down his superiors or conveying false impression to an unknown individual, led to take the extreme step.”

Police have registered a case of accidental death under Section 174 of the CrPC.

According to his family in Kerala, Mathew made his last phone call to them on February 25 and from the way he talked it was evident that he was in a frightened state.

Sources said the last text message of Mathew, who was attached for ‘buddy duties’ with a Colonel-rank officer, was to the officer in which he said “sorry”.

In a release, the army said the identity of the soldier in the video was hidden and thereby not known to it. “Hence there is no question of any enquiry that could have been ordered.”

There is a view in the army that it should explore legal options against the news portal.

The army has also ordered a probe into circumstances leading to Mathew’s death.

“Complaint has been lodged with the local police and an enquiry has been ordered by the army authorities to investigate the circumstances leading to his death. Army is offering all assistance in this regard to the family of the deceased and the civil administration.”

Mathew had gone missing on February 25 and was declared absent without leave, the army said.

The sting operation had led to criticism of the British- era Sahayak (buddy) system. The army has ordered an inquiry into how the sting took place.

Police said Mathew, whose body was decomposed, might have died three days ago. .


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