Modi doesn’t pay condolence on danseuse Mrinalini Sarabhai’s death, daughter Mallika says, ‘shame of you PM’


Renowned danseuse Mallika Sarabhai has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not paying condolences on the death of her legendary dance icon mother Mrinalini Sarabhai.

Mallika, a known critic of Modi, took to Facebook to lodge her protest using strong words.

She wrote, “My dear prime minister, You hate my politics and I hate yours. That has nothing to do with what Mrinalini Sarabhai did to promote the culture of this country to the world over sixty years.

“She blazed a trailer for our culture in the world. That her death sees no word from you shows your mentality. How ever much you hate me, as our prime minister it behove you to recognise her contribution. You have not. Shame on you.”

Mallika was one of the first few powerful names to have criticised Modi, then the Gujarat chief minister, for the anti-Mulim riots in 2002.

She had even approached the Supreme Court with PIL against him.

The Gujarat government had hit back at her with filing a case of human trafficking because she often took artists to perform abroad with her group.


  1. Perhaps Narendra Modi’s personality is such that it doesn’t allow PM
    Narendra Modi to overtake Narendra Modi. So, there are many things a PM
    should do are not being done, and vice versa. I feel Mallika’s outburst
    was impulsive and she must now be feeling she shouldn’t have done. This
    is because nobody who knows Narendra Modi well would have expected him
    to give any importance to Mallika’s mother’s death. A PM would offer
    respects, whether the deceased is known or not known to him/her, because
    of the special recognition and achievements of the person in public
    life. A PM would not see whether the person belonged to opposition or
    was related to his/her opponents. But PM Narendra Modi cannot overtake
    Narendra Modi so he did what he did. He might have written a letter to
    Mallika’s brother, which might reach him or not, but that appears to be a
    calculative step taken as a defence to avoid any possible dent to his
    image. However, so far, there is no official word on this letter from
    anyone. BTW, remember India’s milkman Dr Verghese Kurien? He died on 9 September 2012 at the age of 90 and CM Narendra Modi also failed to overtake Narendra Modi.


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