Modi 365: Super-5 Opinion Poll


As the Narendra Modi led government completes one year in office, we bring you a “Super-5 Opinion Poll” on a series of issues. The BJP had won a decisive majority in the last year’s general elections and Narendra Modi was sworn in as the new PM on May 26, 2014. The party’s winning streak continued under Modi’s leadership as they won several important assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir before facing a near annihilation in Delhi, where it could win only 3 out of 70 assembly seats.

Political commentators say that the most important test for Modi’s popularity will be in Bihar elections, which is likely to be held later this year. Check out our Super-5 questions and vote.


  1. BJP(Bhrust Joomla Party) and Congress just care for power, these two parties must be retired completely. We need fresh blood in politics like AAP’s AK.

  2. ache din are definitely here . . ofcourse of BJP leaders . . those who thought Modi is an honest person were fooling themselves only . . BJP Congress two sides of same coin . .Pray for AAP and Kejriwal . . Help them people

  3. He should have focused on internal problems as per manifestos, instead running after investments at the first year itself. People expected some basic reliefs. Foreign tours & Foreign investments must have taken place after we have some strong Foreign policies & prepared to receive the same for timely implementation.

  4. Which are the promises that PM Modi has delivered the most? :- SORRY, I did not vote this point as the NOTA option is not there.


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