“Modi is pulling India back to the 1970s” writes Barkha Dutt in Washington Post


Demonetisation has been a target of heavy criticism both nationally and internationally. The   legitimacy of the note-ban was questioned on many aspects. Now, veteran journalist Barkha Dutt too has joined the global debate.

Writing for Washington Post, Barkha argued that in a country where 90% of the transactions were made in cash, the announcement of invalidation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes was meant to shut down the parallel economy run by tax evaders but due to bad planning people ended up being harassed.

Barkha Dutt

Drawing a parallel with former prime minister Indira Gandhi’s speech in early seventies, Barkha wrote, “The audacity of Modi’s demonetization decision and the centralization of power it represents has drawn many parallels with Indira’s actions in the 1970s. His notes ban has especially drawn comparisons with Gandhi’s move to nationalize India’s banks in 1969.”

“Modi’s blend of disruptive individualism, strongman politics and old-style welfare economics falls back on more government, rather than less, as the primary vehicle of change. The ’70s deja vu has confirmed one thing — “Modinomics” is not quite the right-of-center Thatcherite model that many of his supporters may have expected. Indeed, in India, we are back to the future,” Barkha added.

Quoting PM Modi speech from recent rally, where he said “They say- remove Modi, I say, remove corruption” Barkha Dutt wrote that it was a replica of Indira Gandhi’s in 1971, “They say – remove Indira, I say, remove poverty.”

She argued that while PM Modi had asked only for 50 days, but two months have passed and the question to be asked now is what exactly did the decision of demonetisation achieve.

Writing about the lack of public outrage despite their continuous sufferings, Barkha Dutt said that it was because of ‘Modi’s masterful management of the political messaging.’

She writes, “By branding his decision as a ‘fight against corruption, black money, fake notes and terrorism,’ Modi has converted demonetization into a test of courageous patriotism. Playing on Gandhi’s mantra of being a messiah for the poor, Modi astutely positioned the notes ban as a modern day morality play where ‘sacrifice’ is key to being a good citizen… In an age of strident hyper-nationalism, the BJP has craftily encouraged the narrative that those opposing demonetization are fat-cat traitors who are too indolent to be part of a great national movement.



  1. Demonetization was an ingenious deception. It was aimed to hit hard at opposition parties and paralyze them, but it has boomeranged and the deception has deceived the deceivers themselves. The results of five states going for poll in the coming weeks will show it.

  2. Provide legal proofs before commenting on government acts. Otherwise it would be better to keep your comment within yourself rather than just making news to gain trpr.

    • I think this is democracy every one has right to comment , most of them comment when they have facts . like u take the liberty to blindly support some one .. and i hope u r here too for TRP .

  3. Barakha is worried because using cash only she can spend black money collected from terrorist and anti nationals like Pakistan.
    She is the one most affected by demonetization.

  4. Barkha is one of the’ know all’ TV journalists who dabble in all subjects with no substance in their analysis.There have been some positive effects of demonetization but one can conclude about its actual impact only after a year or two.The fact that there was popular understanding of MOdi’s drastic move was due to common man’s understanding of a very popular and sincere mass leader who is working for the good of the country and not for himself or his party.Merely because the write up is from Washington posts does not attach substance to its contents.

  5. Barkha Dutt is a dirty, anti-national TV journalist who must be charged with sedition for her involvement in anti national activities with nefarious elements who have been on looting spree for decades.

    • Anupam how much you are patriotic prove first? Every body has right to speak in India…… So time will tell whether she is telling lie or not ?

  6. Barkha Dutt is a bias, anti-national TV journalist who must be charged with sedition for her involvement in anti national activities with nefarious elements who have been on looting spree for decades.

  7. She has felt that by writing articles like this she gets accredited to be a great journalist. But the truth is that, her mind is set in the olden days as India behaved during the seventies. she has to mature herself to current realities and restart her journalism career again. I wish her all the best in continuing to write a billion stories like this to get immortalised. She is unable to see the future …sad……

  8. This lady has no work so find new dimensions by criticize modi.aajkl to jo modi ko jyada gali de bahi “seculars ” ka chaheta ban jata.by the way she is always promoting the anti national activity

  9. SHE is full of Cow Dung.

    There is nothing that Modi has done or will do to get any recognition from her.

    I wish she will even try to build some thing in stead just talking. May be she shoukld run for Modi’s job and she how far she goes!!!!

  10. Burkha Dutt has very shoddy credentials as an fair unbiased journalist. The very path she took to become a leading journalist was by compromising on the details of anti terror operations both in the case of Kargil conflict and Mumbai terror attacks. She is also a power broker for congress which has been evident from the Radia tapes. Washington post might have found an appropriate person to satisfy the hunger of numerous people cynical about India.


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