Model Code of Conduct has become Modi Code of Conduct, Election Commission now Election Omission for Modi-Shah duo


The Congress on Saturday launched a tirade against the biased functioning of the Election Commission saying that the Model Code of Conduct had effectively become ‘Modi Code of Conduct. The party warned that the Election Commission’s failure to take action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi will force the Congress to move the court against the national poll body.

Modi Code of Conduct


Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters that Modi and BJP President Amit Shah had ‘cheated’ on the issue of level playing field and questioned the ‘silence of mega policeman (Election Commission).’ “We have a right to approach the courts seeking action over model code violations… we can exercise that option… the mega policeman has turned a blind eye,” Singhvi was quoted by news agency PTI.

Taking a dig at the national poll body’s biased role, Singhvi said that it appeared that Election Commission had dropped the word C from its second name and had become ‘Election Omission’ for the Modi-Shah duo.

Both Modi and Shah have come under considerable flak for repeatedly violating the Model Code of Conduct by seeking votes in the name of religion and armed forces. While the Election Commission has punished other leaders for the same violations, they have chosen to look the other way in the case of Modi and Shah. Singhvi said that Modi and Shah had routinely violated the MCC under three categories namely polarisation of votes, invoking armed forces in campaigns and taking out rallies on election days.

While casting his vote in Gandhinagar, Modi had taken out a roadshow in a violation of the MCC. “We are sad to say that the Modi-Shah duo has become a kind of an arch of immunity as far as the Election Commission’s jurisdiction goes, as far as the Model Code of Conduct goes,” Singhvi added.

Many experts believe that the kind of violation both Modi and Shah have committed, they deserved to be disqualified from contesting the elections. But the Chief Election Commissioner’s alleged soft spot for the PM has seen Modi and Shah escape any kind of punishment.


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