MK Stalin caught slapping Chennai Metro passenger in viral video


A video clip showing senior DMK leader MK Stalin slapping a passenger in the recently inaugurated Chennai Metro has gone viral on the Internet, prompting strong condemnation from political parties and Twitter users across India.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Stalin took a ride in the train along with some of his fellow colleagues. In the video, the DMK treasurer is seen slapping a man and asking him to move away. The man is said to be either in his late 20s or early 30s.

Stalin’s office later clarified his actions saying the political leader was only asking the man to stop harassing female passengers nearby and in the process he ‘inadvertently touched him’.

As the video went viral, it prompted even Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa to release a statement reprimanding Stalin. “Stalin’s behavior doesn’t augur well as an MLA. All are equal in public places. Nobody is inferior. Stalin should maintain dignity,” she said.

Stalin received support from an unexpected quarter though as Congress spokesperson and former actress Khushboo said that the leader was only trying to protect women.

Ever since being formally launched by Jayalalithaa, the Chennai Metro has created many photo opportunities for the media with different state leaders taking joyrides.


  1. For people who are looking at the video it is clearly evident that the passenger was quite not happy with how he was being treated, more over he seemed quite flummoxed, Mr.Stalin in his gushing interest of wanting to be the only person in front of the camera’s forgot that he is an ordinary citizen like anybody else in this country, Shame on such politicians … it is this this kind of breed of politicians we Indians have to do away with if we wish to make this country a great democracy.


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